Morphine 15mg ABG15 NO ASPIRIN


This listing is for YELLOW NORCO HYDROCODONE 10mg . You can buy these pills from me at the discounted price.

Your Purchasing a 15mg (1 Tablet) Morphine  ABG15, No Aspirin.

Tablet is A royal blue, round in shape and a tiny maybe 5MM in diameter, Morphine only in this tablet. These are the tiny tablets. 

Tablet is round, blue with the embossed letters ABG on one side. On the opposite side are the numbers 15 embossed also.

This listing if for 1 pill. Shipping US – US only

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Buy Morphine 15mg ABG15 NO ASPIRIN Online

You can buy Morphine 15mg ABG15 NO ASPIRIN from this listing from this listing.

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